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Story behind Axess4You (A4Y)

One day you realize that we don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversities. The day you understand that, a new beginning can start, and having fears seems quite a waste of time. — Andrea Mantovani

Andrea Mantovani, Founder of Axess4You (A4Y) is a stroke survivor and has undergone non-invasive heart surgery and keeps taking his post-operative supportive care medications.

Since then, Andrea considers himself quite a lucky person and has become aware of human fragilities as well as of all the challenges neurology patients may need to face in their life, after "the event". 

A4Y has been designed and developed in parallel with Andrea's biggest personal life challenges.

A4Y is not just a platform, but a companion to every neurology patient. It combines the experiences and needs of neurology patients, clinicians and researchers into one innovative platform, that aims to accelerate research and access of new therapies into the market. A4Y wants to save lives and build a healthier future for all. 

Andrea is also the founder of Verona SingularityU Chapter in 2020, dedicated to Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and other New Technologies to support the local healthtech start-up community.


He has focused his work and interests to neurological diseaseas since 2015, collaborating with Patients Associations and Clinicians across Italy and Europe. 

Andrea has a long tenure executive experience both in Life Sciences and Management Consulting, and supported the launch of more than 10 new innovative therapies into the EU, UK, Spanish and Italian market. He holds an MBA from Bocconi University and a BA in Marketing and Digital Marketing from Verona University.

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